The decision to commit suicide is often linked to an opioid dependency and the VA’s failure to properly treat that dependency. It can also be caused by the VA’s failure to provide prompt and appropriate medical treatment for PTSD, depression, anxiety and other invisible injuries of war. We hope this article will shed light on this subject and answer some of your questions.
Inappropriate medications and dosages can be the start of a difficult road, personally, emotionally and financially. A committed California medical malpractice attorney can stand up for veterans, military service members and their families who have suffered from medical negligence at the hands of a military doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional.
If a child survives the negligent care of a military medical professional, the costs of immediate treatment and the care going forward can be astronomical. A knowledgeable California medical malpractice lawyer can help determine the scope of your financial damages and seek appropriate compensation.
When fetal distress is the result of malpractice on the part of military doctors and nurses, a knowledgeable California malpractice attorney can help families recover compensation by filing claims through the National Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).
We trust military doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to ensure that our loved ones receive the highest level of care. Sadly, the rate of preventable deaths in military medical facilities due to delayed diagnosis is staggeringly high.
Just as the people of our country trust service members, those service members trust the military doctors and nurses in charge of their medical care. The high level of competence we expect, however, is not always delivered in military clinics, hospitals, or medical centers. Such negligence or malpractice can result in misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose an illness, and therefore yield substandard care or a complete lack of treatment.
Every medical professional should prioritize patient safety, especially those who work in military medical centers, hospitals or clinics. But too often veterans, active duty service members and their family members experience substandard and even negligent care in these facilities.
Quick thinking and swift action serve injured soldiers well on the battlefield, but that high-quality triage care does not translate well to effective obstetrical care.In 2014, the New York Times published a report, based on Pentagon data, court records and employee interviews. The military website Stars and Stripes covered the report, citing egregious issues within the military medical industry.