VA Hospital Struggles to Staff but Hires Doctors with Past Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

You would think that if a doctor had numerous malpractice cases against them and had their license to practice revoked, they would have no chance of being hired at any hospital, right? Unfortunately, the VA has a record of hiring doctors with past malpractice lawsuits. Take a look at the following cases:

  • Iowa neurosurgeon — Neurosurgeon John Henry Schneider had more than a dozen medical malpractice claims against him where patients were paralyzed, maimed or left dead. His license to practice was revoked in the state of Wyoming. Yet he applied for a position at the VA center in Iowa and got the job, anyway.
  • Oklahoma psychiatrist — In Oklahoma, a psychiatrist sanctioned with sexual misconduct for sleeping with a patient was hired at the VA hospital.
  • Louisiana psychologist — A psychologist with multiple felonies was hired at a VA clinic in the state of Louisiana.

What message is the VA sending by hiring such individuals? That veterans are not worthy of quality physicians? If you have suffered harm at the hands of a VA doctor, you deserve justice. With help from an experienced attorney, you can file a claim to help you rebuild your life and ensure no one else is harmed by the doctor that caused you injury.

VA Staffing inconsistencies remain despite influx of cash

In recent years, understaffing has become a major problem with the VA. With more veterans than ever requiring medical treatment, there simply are not enough medical professionals to go around. This is in turn leads to long wait times and delayed treatment which, in some cases, costs lives.

The issues of chronic understaffing is despite the Veterans Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, which was specifically designed to help veterans obtain medical treatment more quickly. Around $2.5 billion from the Choice Act was supposedly funneled into the hiring of more doctors, nurses and other medical professionals at VA med centers. However, NPR investigated the situation and found the following:

  • The VA has around the same number of new hires that it would have been projected to hire without receiving any funds from the Choice Act.
  • VA hospitals with the longest wait time did not receive the new hires.
  • The VA medical centers that received new hires were not expected to see improved wait times.

NPR also found that there does not seem to be a logical staffing pattern — high priority VA centers are not receiving more staff than low priority centers.

Veteran attorneys determined to uphold your rights

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